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Dupont Wireless Charging Stations in Countertops!

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It’s finally here!

We are so excited that our Dupont charging station has arrived and is now installed in our Corian countertop. You should definitely stop by to check this out!

What it is: A charging station for your electronic devices. Get rid of the messy cords and go wireless! With this charging station you simply place your device on the appointed location and your device will begin charging.


How does it work: The charging mat is routed into the underside of your countertop and plugged in to a standard outlet. Once you lay your device directly above the charging mat it will sense it and begin charging. If you remove the device the unit will go into “shut off” mode.

What materials can it be used with: Corian and Zodiaq Quartz are the only two surfaces right now that will accept the charging mat. However, if you have an existing Corian countertop you may be able to install the charging mat in your countertop. (Note: some electrical required)

What’s the catch: Only certain devices will work by simply setting the device down. Some devices, Apple products being one brand, require a charging ring that plugs into your phone. The charging mat comes with 3 rings to accommodate various plug connections. You can purchase additional rings if you require. The rings are still wireless.


For more information visit our showroom or Dupont’s website.

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