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The Latest Kitchen Trends From Europe

I’ve recently returned from a short visit to Holland and Northern Germany to see the latest trends in kitchen design. I noticed four things to bring home and share with our clients:

  1. Greys are still hot! Whether it’s hardwood, wall paint, kitchen cabinets, or kitchen countertops, greys are still the rage.
  2. Contemporary design and minimalist styles in Holland and Germany are stronger than ever.
  3. Regardless of individual taste and architectural preference, there appears to be a tendency by the design community to extend the colours and textures from the kitchen into the adjacent living spaces.
  4. Ceramic countertops are a very popular choice in the European market. We have an example of a ceramic countertop in our latest display – it is an exceptionally durable material that is impervious to stains. Come in for a visit to touch and feel in person!