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Suppliers: Siematic



About SieMatic

Based in Löhne, Germany, SieMatic is a world leader in kitchen furniture production, and is also a third-generation company. 

 Partnering with high-quality European brands like SieMatic has been a big part of Heart Kitchen and Bath’s history – we have had a relationship with SieMatic for over 20 years. SieMatic excels providing luxury kitchen cabinetry to suit many tastes.   

Each person is different; each SieMatic is, too. Discover a new scope for all of your ideas. With the exceptional products offered by SieMatic, you can design your kitchen to your personal taste; purist, urban, or classic.
— Ulrich W. Siekmann | CEO SieMatic

Leaders in the Global Kitchen Marketplace

Since their inception in 1929, SieMatic has grown considerably – now shipping to 62 countries around the world. They have consistently been leaders in the global kitchen marketplace, and are known as innovators; they bring new technology and new materials to the industry at an impressive pace. They were the first company to use an all-metal fully concealed door hinge. In 1960, SieMatic unveiled the world’s first handleless kitchen.  The number of design awards that they have won would require volumes to detail. 

For us, SieMatic represents a high quality partner that excels at providing exceptional product. Even after years of daily use, a SieMatic kitchen will still look like new. This is a direct result of using the highest quality materials, employing precision workmanship and having stringent quality control systems.


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