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How much does a kitchen renovation cost?


As a kitchen designer, I am always intrigued to hear what people think home renovations cost.

Kitchen renovations are the same as most other major renovations: there are introductory products available at a lower cost just as there are other products that range from middle-of-the-road costs all the way to exclusive materials that come at a substantially higher price point. Many homeowners find themselves shocked by the cost of different home renovations or improvements – especially when those renovations reflect an upgrade from what was there previously.

Some examples include: 

  • Replacing an old deck with maintenance-free composite material as opposed to spruce lumber that must be stained or painted.
  • Putting a new roof on your home made out of metal or cedar shakes as opposed to typical asphalt shingles.
  • Replacing cement sidewalk blocks with a poured cement sidewalk.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation for your own personal enjoyment, several factors may influence your selection of products:

  • the aesthetic appeal of the cabinetry (material, colour, door style, woodworking details, etc.); 
  • the longevity of the product (weight-rating of the drawer slides, construction techniques used to build the cabinets, durability of the materials specified, warranties offered, etc.);
  • the ability to customize cabinets to suit your space (customs sizes, accommodating built-in appliances, building around existing construction, fitting to odd angles, etc.); and
  • the availability of accessories and features not normally available from introductory product. 

On the other hand, if the intent is to replace a dilapidated kitchen in an older home for the purpose of ‘flipping’ the house, budget-friendly products that you haul home from your local ‘big box’ store and assemble with hexagonal wrenches might be totally appropriate. (Of course, the future homeowner might get to pay the proverbial ‘price of that bargain’ a few years down the road when it becomes necessary to replace the kitchen again.) 

Through the years that I’ve been in the industry, I’ve been quoted in numerous publications as saying that “good kitchen design is a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and budget.”  Obviously, home owners need to find their own comfort zone: in a world of competing budgetary priorities, there is no ‘right answer’ to the question of what value people should put in any one potential upgrade or renovation.  If specifying the maintenance-free deck material is a priority, save for it!  If you love to cook and entertain and don’t plan on “flipping the house” anytime soon, budgeting for a custom kitchen could have a profound impact in your enjoyment of your home.

How much should you budget for your kitchen renovation?

My best advice would be to encourage you to sit down with an experienced kitchen designer and ask them to help you establish a budget.  A good designer will discuss your lifestyle, appliance requirements, your intended scope of work, and will ultimately assist you in creating a realistic budget for your kitchen renovation.

At Heart Kitchen and Bath, we cater to clients looking for a custom kitchen. Included in all of our kitchens are the services of a professional kitchen designer who will tailor your new kitchen to best suit your needs and your space. We offer high-quality custom products ranging from ‘middle-of-the-road’ all the way to exclusive exotic materials – the range of finishes that we offer is nearly endless – our cabinets are installed by some of the most meticulous and experienced kitchen installers in the Edmonton. 

From concept to completion, we aim to provide the optimum balance between aesthetics, functionality, and budget – all of this starts with an honest conversation, and our coffee is always on. Contact us.

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