Heart Kitchens


Westbrook Home

The Design

Today it's very chic and trendy to create two-tone kitchens, but there is a certain sophisticated elegance associated with a simple one colour kitchen. The cabinet door that  was specified for this beautiful Edmonton home is not modern, nor is it traditional.

The kitchen design included pediment moldings, back-lite bevel glass and a warm, off white colour on a beaded door that will not date. The end result is a very soft design that is truly timeless.


Balancing Design and Functionality

Our client had a large wish list of appliances that required very strategic placement. In good kitchen design, appliance positions must balance expectations of functionality and overall aesthetics. Very detailed drawings and thoughtful interaction with the client, are often important tools to help achieve excellent results.


Respecting the Architecture of the Home

In addition to the fore-mentioned challenge, we recognized a need to ensure that the finished kitchen would respect the architectural features of this very traditional two story build.

Our goal was to create an amazing kitchen that would "sparkle on its own", yet compliment the red exterior brick, the wainscoting and the barrelled ceilings.