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Looks Like Marble

As you may have noticed, the marble look is in!  It is everywhere.  You see it on flooring, cutting boards, tables, backsplashes- I have even seen a marble print on wallpaper!  It is timeless and beautiful.  But when it comes to a worksurface the real thing might not be all that you dreamt of.  It is a porous material (meaning it can stain) and it is a softer stone (meaning it can scratch).  If this is a concern for you the solution is to consider a man-made look-a-like. 

I recently specified a quartz product by Zodiaq for a kitchen and I just had to share these photos with you because I was speechless when I saw the slabs.  They are absolutely stunning!

This colour is called Calacatta Natura.  For this kitchen it had the perfect combination of whites, greys, and a warm brown.  I was impressed by the range of neutral tones it had and the depth of the veining.  I was even more impressed when the slabs came in bookmatched- they are almost a perfect mirror image of each other.  This is definitely a colour I would recommend.

If this is a look you are aspiring to achieve here are a couple more of my personal favourites:

-       Caesarstone, 5131 Calacatta Nuvo:

-       Cambria, Brittanica

Jen Amundson